This past Thursday was February 14th and a day to celebrate those you love. Of course, the focus is romantic relationships between sweethearts, but we also extend it to family we love. This year, Valentine’s Day was a day to share my love with my mom and enjoy to the fullest one of the last few times, and most likely, the last Valentine’s Day that we will share together.

My mom has entered the final stages of Alzheimer’s. With 3 hospitalizaions in the last 2 months, she now has blood clots in her brain and legs. We all hope they will dissolve on their own, but anything is possible either way.

I launched my e-newsletter the morning hours on Valentine’s Day, which has a hearty winter soup recipe called “Escarole & Beans.” But I had a surprise in the afternoon, when I was notified that a fantastic article was written about my book in the Italian Tribune. My PR firm sent me the link, and it was an excellent review of the book and the story. I have posted it on my site for your review and comment.

As exciting as it was to see such great coverage, it was also a bittersweet day. My mom had just been released the day before from the hospital so we had a visitor from the social worker to discuss the next steps of her care. Some of the topics discussed were not the most pleasant. Words like “hospital bed in your home” and “hospice visits” began to emerge along with questions forcing my dad to make some important decisions that will ensure that the job of transitioning my mom to her next world, will be easier for both her and him.

Yes, it was a bittersweet day. In the past we would have made a cake in the shape of a heart and discuss our day over a nice meal mom would have prepared. But this Valentine’s Day, we made the decision to bring in hospice care.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day -

with love,


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