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  1. Patricia Buckley Gibbs

    Caught your comment about your book on Igrew up in Yonkers. Will order today. I was raised in South Yonkers (St.Denis and Sacred Heart H.S.) In the 50′s and early 60′s. Both my Mother and Grandmother were great Italian cooks. Most of my recipes are from memory. I live here in Royal Palm Beach, Could you do a book signing at our Barnes and Noble(Wellington Store). Looking forward to enjoying your book. Just a note : back then you could eat at the corner Pizzaria and get great Italian Food, Grandma was back in the Kitchen. My favorite was a Pizzaria on McLean clost to St. Denis, Best Veal and Peppers in the world. Back then all the Sausage was home made, also by the Grandma or Grandpa in the Kitchen.

    • Barbara Magro

      Hi Patricia,

      I would love to do an event with you. My phone is 757-286-8890 if you want to call me to discuss dates.

      Many thanks,


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