Thursday April 19, WPLG, channel 10 in South Florida, aired my interview with my mom. We cooked together and ate together on the interview. My mom, at 85, looked so beautiful on TV! My dad looked great too and my friend Liam who photographed all the recipes gathered around the table to eat the food I prepared that were mom’s recipes. I cried when I saw the interview. It is so sad this has happened to her. I miss my old mom but hopefully this type of press will wake people up and help end this epidemic. A portion of net proceeds of the sale of my book will be donated to Alzheimer’s research. We must end this epidemic!

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  1. Barbara… I just discovered your site and book through an email from Trina Kaye. Clicking to your blog here, my heart melts along with you. We suffered through alzheimers with my grandmother, and are currently going through alzheimers-like issues with my MIL. Your words, “I miss my old mom” brought tears to my eyes. My husband reiterates those words nearly every day. This last year has been one of the most difficult we have ever faced, and watching my husband and his dad in particular deal with everything has been simply heartbreaking.
    Your book is a wonderful tribute to your mother and I’m so happy that you have these memories with her. I just wanted to say that your words touched my heart…

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