I remember growing up that Good Fridays were always very sacred. It was the last day of Lent and so a meatless meal was in order but preparation well on it’s way for Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday dinner. Pizza Rustica was made for Holy Saturday – a 7 layer meat infused pie that was baked in crust and Easter Sunday was always Leg of lamb.

This Easter I am with friends in Aspen. Tonight I am making linguini with clams from my book Recipes to Remember. Tomorrow I won’t be making Pizza Rustica but Sunday Leg of lamb is on the menu after sunrise service atop Aspen mountain. No Easter egg hunts or baskets filled with chocolates but these childhood memories live deep in my soul. I am grateful that these recipes are not lost forever that my mother used to prepare each year before she forgot them. I wish my family and yours a beautiful weekend filled with gratitude for family and friends. Happy Easter!

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