How lucky I am that the recipes my mother prepared for my family are not lost. I feel such a sense of relief that I was able to finish my book while my mother and father are still alive and that I didn’t have to try figure out what ingredients went into them. In today’s Wall Street Journal, they published an article on lost cuisine and how cooks try to recreate family favorites. “Recipes to Remember” is included in the article. I must admit however, that when I or my sisters make any of my mother’s recipes, they don’t taste as good as when she made them. Why is that? I follow the instructions exactly. My conclusion is that she really threw in a lot of “love” when she was preparing them for her family of four children and my dad. For me, well, I don’t cook for my two dogs although they do love Grandma’s┬ámeatballs – but maybe since I don’t have two-leggeds I have not had the ongoing experience of making the recipes over and over hence perfecting them each time. Two Sundays ago I made spaghetti and meatballs following the instructions from moms recipe exactly. My dad complained that the meatballs weren’t round enough!!! Can you imagine? I thought they tasted great but I suppose appearance is just as important. After 50 years of cooking, my mother made perfectly round meatballs that also tasted outstanding. Practice, practice. Anyone willing to let me experiment on them, let me know. But thankfully, due to my six years of persistence and diligence in putting my book together, my family recipes are not lost at all.

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  1. So funny Barbara! When my husband and I first got married his 11-year-old nephew told me that no-one would ever cook like his Nonna, because she cooked with love! Out of the mouths of babes! 16 years later, I agree with him, and extend that same compliment to my own mother as well…it’s without a doubt the secret ingredient that makes the dish! Congratulations on your book.

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