Life is full of twists and turns and you have to be flexible enough as you are driving along the highway of life so you can seize opportunities as they come along.

Today my parents fly back to NY with my sister who has flown down this morning to pick them up. Planning on having a nice lunch together, yesterday everything changed.

Well, we are going to have a nice lunch together, but WPLG local 10 Miami TV is sending a crew over to film us cooking and eating together and to talk about Recipes to Remember. They are doing a segment called – “Living with Alzheimer’s - A Daughter’s Perspective” – how appropriate right?

So last night in a panic, my hairdresser Toby rushed over to do my roots – can’t have roots showing if you are on TV – then I raced out to the grocery store to purchase ingredients for our cooking today. I couldn’t decide on whether I should make linguini with clams or eggplant parmigiana – two dishes that were family favorites during Lent to observe meatless Fridays.

So, being the A+++ personality type that I am, I decided to make both. At 12:30 am this morning, I pulled the baked eggplant out of the oven. It looks beautiful.

Today while the crew is here I will make the linguini with clams. What a way for mom to exit her stay in South Florida. I wish we had more press opportunities together while she was here but I am very happy and grateful for today.

So there is much to celebrate today – not only is it the 100th anniversary of the Oreo cookie but it is my 84 year old mother ( soon to be 85 on March 12 ) debut on TV. It is never too late to become a celebrity – even if you can’t remember! God bless you mom!

Click Here to see the segment Living with Alzheimer’s - A Daughter’s Perspective.

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  1. I wish I could be there. First of all I love your parents, and secondly I love eggplant parmigiana! Good luck Barbara! I am looking forward to seeing you on TV. -Michelle

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